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Introductory information

This includes videos and inspirations as well as highlighting the parts of the app.

IEP meetings

Understand what an IEP means and how you can participate in the meeting.

Section 504 plan meetings

Understand the meaning of this type of meeting and how it differs from an IEP meeting.

Other school meetings

Understand if your child might be eligible for a 504 plan or IEP. What advocacy principles can you use?

Fillable checklists and notes

These help you navigate the process of advocating for your child. As you proceed through the app, you can keep track of your progress. You can then add a series of notes to remind yourself of important points.

Common questions

Questions are listed that families tend to ask for each type of meeting.


How can you approach advocating for your child? Six strategies are discussed.


Linked resources are available. There is also information about how to contact the parent and deaf organizational partners for assistance.


These introduce you to the app and guide your next steps.